Alarm Response Question
Posted On: Jun 20, 2017


Chief, we have a policy that says we do not respond to unpermitted and inactive alarms. There is a program in place that tells if an alarm is permitted or not. Yet we do not follow this policy and are dispatched to unpermitted alarms on a daily basis. So my question is why do we not follow this policy yet are expected to follow every other policy? With man power already taxed shouldn't we lighten the load to only responding to permitted alarms?


Our problem, as is so often the case, is a technical one. We found when we rolled out the new call monitor that the information was faulty and incomplete. We are trying currently to find a resolution. I have also made a recommendation that alarm companies themselves do the collection of license fees from customers upon installation or when a contract is initiated. That would ensure better compliance and give us more accurate data.

I completely agree with your contention that we should not have to respond to non-permitted alarms and in fact I question why we have to respond to any non-verified alarm. The only short term solution is to try and find a way to obtain more complete and accurate license information and we are working on that currently.  

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