Posted On: Oct 21, 2016


Upcoming Events:

Friday 10-28 is the Rookie Party starting at 1900 hours at the Lodge. Please come and say high to our new brothers and sisters who will be hitting the streets starting graveyard on 10-29.

Saturday morning 10-29:



Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #93

12512 E 21 Street in Tulsa

  Last bike out 11:00 am

         For more info please go to                   http://www.tpdcplbenefit.com/


We still are taking Donations for Betty they can be dropped off at the FOP Credit Union to the Friends of Back the Blue Account or mailed to

Friends of Back the Blue

PO BOX 691169

Tulsa, OK 74169-1168

Plus the website https://fundly.com/i-stand-with-betty-shelby is also still taking donations. 


Mayor Elect GT Bynum and Councilor Karen Gilbert have been trying to make squad meeting to personal tell officers how much they support them. They are not only thanking all of us for the work you do every day but they are also speaking about their plans to help support you in the future. Their work to find a source of funding to assist the general fund did not end with the Vision Tax. They worked last year to pass Public Safety Districting and are continuing work to get the bill passed this year. Public Safety Districting is like Rural Water Districts in that the city would be able to get 2 mils of property tax and use it to fund pay and benefits for the public safety. Both are committed to this plan and Mayor Elect Bynum believes now with the full backing of the City of Tulsa that the bill has a great chance of passing this year.

Elections are coming up next month so please make sure you know your login info for http://tulsafop93.org/. If you don’t please email or text (918-853-2927) me and I will get you squared away. If you have not registered, please do.


The City has not offered us 5% to go to 12 hour shifts or 8 hours shifts. That is false information. Shifts haven’t even been brought up in negotiations. The City has remained firm on their stance of no steps and no increase in the pay chart this year. We told them that if Step’s aren’t at least agreed to then we will most certainly be headed to arbitration. Mr. Twombly said that would be okay with them. They also made no increase to the rest of the city employee’s insurance contributions and again will not be increasing their contribution to our insurance.

We will continue to meet with them as we are not at last best offer.

State Questions (From State President Ron Bartmier):

 President of the United States

The Grand Lodge is responsible for this endorsement and has to have an agreement of at least 2/3 of the member states to make such endorsement.  By overwhelming vote of the States the Grand Lodge has publicly announced the endorsement of Donald Trump!

State Questions 780-781

The State Legislative Committee recommended to the Executive Board that we oppose these two questions, which work hand in hand, and the Executive Board agreed.  We cannot agree to language that makes possession of illegal narcotics a misdemeanor, and with this crowd we don't need to make all of the arguments against this as you all know them. Make sure you get all of the reasons to your family, friends, and communities as to why this is very bad language for our citizens.

State Question 779

This sets up a state-wide penny sales tax to go into education.  The State Legislative Committee has chosen not to make a statement one way or the other on this issue, but be very mindful that this would virtually end any chances for the municipalities to create any further funding through sales taxes for any special needs.

I'm sure most of your lodges have made endorsements for your area State Senators and Reps, as well as city council candidates. Make sure all of our members, families and friends get out to vote and remind them of your endorsements and reasons behind them.

Ron Bartmier


Oklahoma State FOP

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