Green Uniforms
Posted On: Jun 02, 2014

Question: Bringing up the uniform question again, I know that you and I both really would like to see the "Greenshirts" brought back.  Keep in mind that the officers are now getting $850 per year uniform allowance.  Considering that it should not cost the city one penny beyond the uniform allowance.  If a vote is necessary allow all of us retired officers to vote.  That makes much more sense than having kids in the academy vote for the blue ugly thing our officers are now having to wear.  The department was terribly lied to by the two officers who decided we needed to be in the blue POS!!!!

Answer: While I realize that many officers would like to see us return to the green, it s simply not practical.

I can not force officers to use their clothing allowance to achieve a uniform change and even if I could, $850 would not be enough to accomplish the transition for each officer. At minimum, each officer would have to have two short sleeved shirts, two long sleeved shirts, two trousers and winter jackets and a hat. That would not be enough and would leave officers nothing to replace leather gear, boots, etc.

Another problem is that for over half of our department, the blue uniform is their "traditional" uniform. It is all they have ever worn and they are proud of it.

As to taking a vote, I would not allow retired officers to vote on a uniform that active officers are going to wear. If there is ever the money in the budget to make the change back to green, I would also seek community input. They were never asked what they wanted to see their officers in when the change was made to blue. My guess is, they would have kept the green.

While I may not agree with decisions that were made a decade ago, that is where we are now and until the economy improves, I am not willing to give up benefits or officer positions to fund a uniform change.

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