FOP Member Update 3-26-2014
Posted On: Mar 26, 2014

Tulsa FOP Members,

Negotiations Update

We have some very good news from our negotiations meeting today.  I know many of you have been interested in the issue concerning take home cars for those living outside of the City of Tulsa.  Today, both the City Manager Jim Twombly and our attorney, Jim Moore on our behalf, signed a tentative agreement on this.  The agreement spells out that a Memorandum of Understanding will be drafted and signed very soon making this new benefit a reality.  

The MOU will be prepared over the next few days and will be signed by all parties.  Next, prior to May, officers wanting to participate will complete a vehicle use agreement form with an option for opting in to the plan.  We are anticipating the plan to be in place around May 16th.  

The agreement states that officers may opt in or out by the first of the month and the change will take effect at the beginning of the second pay period of the month.  Officers will pay 23.5 cents per mile per day from their residence to the nearest city limit (round trip) using Google Maps.  The monthly payment will be based on an average number of shifts worked during the month.  For officers on 4-10s, they will pay the daily rate stated above times 16.7 average monthly shifts.  For those assigned to 5-8s, the payment will be the daily rate times 20.8 average monthly shifts. 

For example, if you live 5 miles outside the nearest city limit and you work 5-8s, your payment will be:

(10 miles X 23.5 cents) X  20.8 average monthly shifts = $48.88 per month 

The monthly fee will be split between the two pay periods so you would have $24.44 per pay check deducted.

You must live within 40 miles of the center of the city to participate which for this agreement, will be 41st and Yale.  Those who are required to drive their cars home and therefore not subject to the fees are majors and above, K-9 unit members, SOT members, and Bomb Squad officers.

I want to thank Chief Jordan for working hard to ensure this agreement was reached and of course our Negotiations Committee.

The rest of the current year’s contract is set for arbitration April 23-24, 2014.  We have not passed last best offers yet.  

SB 1924

As you know from my emails earlier in the week, Senator Crain’s bill changing the Fire and Police Arbitration Act was set to be heard by a House Committee today at the Capitol.  We had many members call the legislators as requested and the bill was pulled from the agenda.  This was a great victory for us.  Because of your quick response and actions, the author felt there were not enough votes to pass the bill out of the committee.  It will most likely come up at a later time but for now, it’s not going to be voted on by the full House.

Several of our members along with FOP members from across the state went to the State Capitol anyway to visit with the legislators about the bill.  This was a huge success!  Those that went had very productive visits with lawmakers and were able to line out the reasons we oppose the bill.  Special thanks to Brother Chris Witt and Jessica Caswell for helping coordinate the trip and representing our Lodge.  State President Bartmier is also to be recognized for the call to action and for his proactive approach to defeating this bill.

Thank you to those that called your representatives and especially for those that were able to attend today.  Let’s keep it up and let the elected officials know that we will stand up for our rights and benefits!

Lastly, I can’t say enough about City Councilor Arrianna Moore who went to the State Capitol with our delegation.  After she learned that this bill will likely cost the City a huge amount of money compared to the current arbitration process, she was more than happy to go and help our members defeat this bill.  The legislators definitely took note that the issue was so important that one of our City Leaders took time out to support police officers in that way.  

Please send her a note or call her office and thank her for her support.  Her contact information is: and 918-596-1990.

Clay Ballenger


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