Big Guys and Little Cars
Posted On: Dec 17, 2013

Question: Patrols Fleet Vehicles are getting smaller and smaller, yet todays patrol officer is required to carry more equipment.

My physical size has not changed since the day I was hired, but the patrol vehicles are. I do not fit in any of the new fleet of cars. The door frames are positioned further forward and it even makes it harder for the average size officer to get in and out of. The Crown Vic's are no longer being made.

I love being a "slick sleeve" and do not have any desire to promote after all of my years of service.

Do we have any plans for the taller, larger, hard working officers to get larger vehicles?

Rumor is that the SUV's are pursuit rated, have better gas mileage and cost the same or less than the Fleet Patrol Car. LEDT Instructors seem to really like how the SUV's handle.

Answer: Unfortunately, my physical size has changed over the years and I feel your pain.

The reason we are buying some of the Ford Interceptor Utilities is to address that very issue. Hopefully we will have some good test data in a few months to make decisions about further purchases of the utilities.

I tested a Taurus and once I got into it, it was a great vehicle but as you mentioned, the door post was positioned so that entry and exit was difficult for a larger officer.

The Explorer is definitely pursuit rated, unlike the 4WD Tahoe and is all wheel drive which performs much better. We hope to buy more of the Explorers in future years.

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