Flu Shots Available at CareATC Clinic

If you or your dependents have not gotten a flu shot yet, they are available at the Care ATC Clinic on 15th Street by appointment only.  As you may know, the City Physician’s office is out and is not getting any more.  FOP Health Trust members (including retirees in the Trust plan) and their dependents can get flu shots at no cost and CareATC promises to have plenty for everyone.  

Call 1-800-993-8244 for appointments.

Uniform and Equipment Receipts 

The deadline this year for turning in receipts for uniforms and equipment you have purchased during 2013 is December 1st.  Be sure and get them in early.  You can turn in receipts up to the $850 amount we received as a uniform allowance this year.  Turning in those receipts will reduce your taxable income and is a better option than turning the expenses in on your personal taxes in many cases.  Send your receipts to “Payroll Division, City Hall, 8th Floor, 112-E”.  Be sure to put your employee ID number on every receipt.   

Donuts with Santa

The Tulsa FOP Auxiliary is hosting a “Donuts with Santa” event at the Fop Lodge on Dec. 7, 2013, 0800-1000 hours.  Santa will arrive at 0900 hours.  Bring the whole family and your camera!

FOP Online Elections Start Thursday

Our election for Lodge officers begins this Thursday at 0700 hours.  It will end December 4, 2013 at 1930 hours.  Please take the time during that week to log on and cast your vote for the contested offices.  It only takes a minute to exercise your right.

Shift Representatives for Lodge Meetings

There has been some concern expressed by officers who are unable to attend Lodge meetings on Wednesday evenings due to being on-duty.  We want to remind all members that according to our contract with the City, “One member from each shift of each Division on duty during Lodge meetings, will be allowed duty time to attend regular Lodge meetings.”  That person should be chosen by election by each shift.  The FOP Executive Board would be glad to help facilitate those elections in the near future.  Look for more details from us about when and how the selections can be conducted.  

With each shift having a designated representative, all information discussed at the meetings and votes taken should be communicated back in detail to the membership on the shift.  Also, when a vote can be anticipated, we can notify the membership of the possibility of the vote so that the representatives can voice the thoughts of those they represent during discussion of the issue.  This should greatly improvement involvement and communication among the members of our Lodge.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

FOP Website Participation

We only have about half of our membership registered at tulsafop93.org.  That means only half receive emails like this informing them of what’s going on and asking for participation in events, elections, meetings, etc.  Please pass the word and get every member to sign up on the website.  The election starts in two days and lasts a week.  We hope every member is able to vote.

In-car Camera Microphones

Chief Jordan asked at staff meeting today that we all pass along a request, “Please turn on your microphone when using your patrol video cameras”.  It is required by the policy but more importantly, there have been a few recents complaints where the officer could have been immediately exonerated had the video included audio.  We know that often times officers simply forget to turn on the body mic.  Eventually, it will become second nature.  In the mean time, please follow the policy and continue to do the great job you always do out there!


Congratulations to Officer Dennis Davis who is retiring.  There is a reception at Riverside Division today at 1430 hours paid for by our Lodge.  We wish Brother Davis a very happy retirement and all members of the Department are invited!


Clay Ballenger, President


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