BOD Report 071713
Updated On: Aug 21, 2013

BOD Report



  • Steven Boyes Arbitration on June 19-20 (Suspension) was postponed. Chief Jordan wants to meet and discuss a possible compromise.  
  • We are in constant contact with the city to find closure to all pending grievances.


  • Kendra has requested an appeal of our decision to the State FOP. The State FOP has given her a possible date of January 17, 2014.


  • None.


  • There is an ammunition shortage at the range. There has been an order placed for additional ammunition but, Remington will not commit to a shipment date. Chief Webster wanted to reduce the number of attempts an officer was allowed in regards to the CBA (Article 31.3). In the past officers had three (3) attempts to achieve a high score. In Service Training is half over and those officers have been able to use all three (3) attempts if needed. Starting 071513 if you score 70% or greater on your first attempt, your done. This would not allow you to improve your score. Clay and I spoke with Chief Webster and came to a compromise. For the purpose of Article 31.3 of the CBA only, the higher score of last year and this year’s score will be used to determine how much of a benefit an officer will receive. This will not affect qualifying; you will still get three (3) attempts to qualify, if needed. Also this will only apply to officers going to the range after 071513. An MOU is being drafted to reflect this temporary change and it is supported by the Negotiations Team.
  •  The BOD talked with the Trustees about the Audit that is required by the Constitution and Bylaws. There is a meeting on 072413 with the CPA, Jean and the Trustees to answer a few questions. After the meeting the Audit should be complete and a report will follow. So far the Audit has cost the Lodge $2000.00.
  • There will be a “Police Cash Retirement Fund” meeting at the Lodge on 072313 at 1900 hours. There will be discussion about what options there are for the “Fund” and how to proceed. Retired Officer Ron Herwig will administer the “Fund”. 

Requests / Motions:

·        Motion (with 2nd from the BOD): $500.00 for each Council District and the Mayor’s Office to sponsor an “Adopt a Spot” event. That would be a total of $5000.00 to for the year of 2014. (1st Reading)

·         Motion (with 2nd from the BOD): $500 for the FOP Sponsored BBQ Team, “Blue Line BBQ Team”. The Crime Prevention Network will have a competition on 102413. (1st Reading)

·        Motion (with 2nd from the BOD): To change the Standing Rule on Per Diem for traveling on Lodge business. It was $25.00 a day in state and $30.00 a day out of state. The motion would change it to $35.00 a day for all travel on lodge business. (Motion Passed)

Mark Secrist

Board of Directors, Chairman

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