Holiday OT Part 2
Posted On: Jan 24, 2013

Holiday overtime part 2!!!


I just received an email from Police Payroll. The timekeepers are getting “bombarded” with officers wanting to check their holiday overtime. As I stated in the first email, all disputed time should be given to me. Also the ONLY time that should be in question is:

“If you are scheduled to work on a holiday but you are forced off per the CBA and you are CALLED BACK to work (ie.…Detectives, traffic guys, hirebacks etc.) and it is during your assigned work hours, you will get “Straight Time” PLUS you will complete an overtime slip (Pink or Green) and receive 1.5 times your pay rate for the hours worked. IF you work any hours outside of your normal work hours (before or after), it will be 2.5 times your pay rate.”


“If you are on a RDO and work ANY hours, you will get complete an overtime slip (Pink or Green) and receive 2.5 times your pay rate for the hours worked. This is in addition to the holiday benefit you receive when the holiday falls on your RDO.”

All other overtime was paid correctly or should have been. If you worked a holiday AND one of the above scenarios applies, send the following information to and I will compile the information for Police Payroll.

  1. Your name:
  2. Division:
  3. Holiday date worked:
  4. Hours worked on that holiday:
  5. Your regular work hours and RDO’s.
  6. If you were forced off (if it applies):

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