Facts on "Leaked" Internal Promotional Process Document
Updated On: Aug 22, 2012

The purpose of this article is to set the record straight regarding the “leaking” of the scoresheet/document for the internal component of the new promotional process and address the rumors and misinformation that has spread across the Department about Brother Shane Tuell, the FOP, myself and this document. 

The negotiations team and I met with the City on March 29, 2012.  Part of that meeting included a discussion about the upcoming internal performance component of the promotional process.  Lori Hannon, the City’s Testing Coordinator at the time, and Deputy Chief Webster were present at the meeting along with the FOP Negotiations Team.  Lori passed out copies of what the internal process was going to be including a draft of the actual score sheets the internal panel members would use.  The document also had a narrative about how the process would work and Deputy Chief Webster went through that with all members of the negotiations team page by page.  There were nine members of that team.  Brother Shane Tuell was the elected chairman.  After the discussion, the documents were not taken up and no one from the City side asked for them back.  It was also not clear that the scoresheet was the final version.  The meeting ended without any talk of the scoresheets being available to the team or the confidentiality of them.  

A few days later, I was in the CAPERS area of HQ and saw copies being made on the copy machine of the documents that were shared at the meeting.  No one was around the copier so it wasn’t clear if the copies were being made legitimately or not.  I was concerned that members of the department that may be testing had the document and it possibly could give them an advantage over some without the document.  I emailed Lori Hannon on April 4, 2012 and told her that there was a problem and that since members of the negotiations team and others now have the score sheet, that the only fair thing to do was to send the document to every member of the department.  Lori said they were planning to share it with everyone testing at a future orientation meeting.  To our knowledge, no steps were ever taken to make the situation right.  Eventually, as the test grew nearer, I reminded members of the Chief’s office of the compromised score sheet and eventually the internal portion was cancelled and the vendor, IO Solutions was asked to do their own oral resume using no part of the Department’s process or score sheet.  

Shane Tuell, nor any one else with the FOP, did anything unethical or wrong.  In fact, Brother Tuell forgot we were even given the document until this issue came up again a few weeks ago.  In my opinion, the only issue to be addressed is that Human Resources with Chief Webster in attendance, distributed the documents and did not state that they were confidential and did not collect them at the end of the meeting in March.  The FOP did its part on April 4, 2012, when I notified the City of the problem by email.  They did nothing to fix it after that and waited until July to change anything in the process to correct the mistake and only then after I brought it up again.  My intention was to protect the process and help make it as fair as possible.  Please do not blame Brother Tuell or anyone on the negotiations team.  There was no underhanded or sneaky acts.  No one sneaked a copy out of the meeting.  And the quote in the newspaper by Erica Felix that the documents were collected was absolutely false!  There were many fellow officers at the meeting and not one document was taken up or asked for.

I have attached the email I received from Lori in response to mine in which I warned about the issue of the scoresheet/dimensions being released.  That same email has my original email to her below her response.  I also have attached the email she sent Brother Tuell and I with the internal component document attached the day before the meeting.  In that email, she says that she will have copies at the meeting for everyone.  Finally, I have attached the document in question that was handed out and not taken up.  They are all on one pdf file attachment.

I hope this helps everyone understand what happened and why the internal oral board was cancelled in the end.  I do not believe however, that this was the only problem with that process.  There were many other issues that would have come up had the internal board gone forward including challenges from officers about the inherent unfairness of it and the weight it was given in the overall final score for promotion eligibility.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.  I am also starting a discussion thread in the “Message Board” section of tulsafop93.org if anyone wants to discuss it more openly.


Clay Ballenger

Board of Directors 


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