Approved Off-Duty Weapons
Posted On: May 16, 2012

Question: Chief, would you consider broadening the policy that limits what weapons we can carry off duty?  There are several weapons available that are more concealable and comfortable to carry than what we are currently authorized to carry off duty.  I believe that if we had more choices more people would carry off duty which in turn makes our community more safe!!

Chief's Answer: The issue of off duty carry has always been a problem of liability for the department. That problem is that we are required to certify an officer for any firearm that we approve for carry. With that requirement comes inherent issues concerning training and firearms familiarity of the range staff. To conduct comprehensive training and certification, we would have to train an armorer and instructor for each type of firearm requested and that would not be practical. At this time, the list of approved carry firearms is not expected to be expanded.

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