Non-Patrol Sworn Personnel Doing a Field Rotation
Posted On: Feb 24, 2012

Lodge Question:Departments are beginning to require that all sworn personell begin serving in a patrol position 1 to 2 weeks a year.  This includes Every sworn position.  I ask this because it is easy to loose track of what patrol officers endure in the field.  I believe that if the brass in the department had to check out a pool car, take calls, write reports, and make arrests there would be quick changes to make the department more efficient.  Also it would require them to listen to a upset citizen that had just waited hours for a response because officers are removed from patrol to conduct directed patrol assignments.  Another benefit would be if they make a felony arrest seeing how long it takes to get a detective, wait on them to do paperwork that the officer was completely capable of completing there would be changes in the process.  I also feel that every sworn officer that has not spent time in the field looses important skills such as officer safety.  Also I believe this would improve moral with the patrol officers because they would not be able to say that someone above them do not know what the patrol officers does.  I believe this is a great program and would like to know if you would support this program?  

Chief's Answer: I do agree with this concept and have discussed it a little bit with the FOP. There would be some details to be worked out contractually but we are definitely looking at some thing along those lines. While I am not prepared to put staff members in a beat, I am prepared to get them out riding with beat officers and I am supportive of all specialty assignments going to the field for a short time to keep abreast of changes in equipment, reporting, radio procedures, etc.

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