What is happening with the 40 hour block of training?
Posted On: Dec 12, 2011

Lodge Question: I have heard that the 40 hour training block is dead in the water again. If so can you explain why please.  Also if it is dead in the water does the department have any plans of at least adding an elective extra in service day so we can at least meet the state's minimum requirements of 25 hours without have to find our own training?

Chief Jordan Answer:

The 40 hour training block is definitely NOT dead. It is a concept that I support whole heartedly. The problem with immediate implementation is that we are trying to put at least two and maybe three academies through in the next year. Any training not only takes the committed time of the training staff but also requires instructors from the field which is already short-handed. It is my plan to implement the 40 hour training block beginning in 2013. We are currently devising plans for elective and other training so that officers will not have to find training on their own.

I am sorry that we have to delay the 40 hour training schedule and I will make certain that it is our training model for the future.

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