Holiday hours clarifications
Posted On: Dec 09, 2011
Upcoming Holidays
There have been some questions recently about holidays that fall on members regular workdays and those that fall on days off and how those are handled.  I wanted to clarify all of these issues as spelled out in our Collective Bargaining Agreement with the City. 
Holidays: For sworn personnel, observed holidays are spelled out in Section 14.1 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract).  They are NOT necessarily the same as City observed holidays. 
Administrative Personnel (Admin. Sergeants, Desk Personnel, HQ Personnel, Academy Staff, etc.): Prior to bid board each year, the City and the FOP agree on which officers shall be considered "administrative" for the coming year.  Those designated as administrative and are assigned regular work days of Monday-Friday, shall observe designated holidays that fall on Saturday or Sunday on either Friday or Monday respectively.  Administrative personnel are not guaranteed the right to work on a holiday and may be placed on holiday leave for that shift.
Bid Board Personnel: Patrol officers (bid board personnel) observe the holidays listed in section 14.1 of the contract on the actual days specified there.  These personnel shall be allowed to work holidays that fall on their regular scheduled work days.  When scheduled to work on a holiday, employees will be compensated at time-and-one-half their basic rate of pay in addition to their regular pay for that day.  This can be paid in cash or comp time as determined by the employee.  If the holiday falls on a bid board officer's day off, he or she shall receive 8 or 10 hours (depending on normal assigned shift) compensation at straight time rates for that holiday.  That compensation can also be pay or comp time as determined by the employee.
Non-Bid Board Personnel who are not "administrative"(Detectives, Traffic, etc.): Observe the designated holidays on the actual dates listed in Section 14.1 of the contract.  If the holiday falls on these employees' regular work day, their Division Commander determines the required manpower and may place these officers on holiday leave for that holiday.  If the holiday falls on these employees' regular day off, they receive straight time compensation for the 8 or 10 hours depending on their assigned number of hours normally worked.
Any member who works time in excess of their normally assigned shift on a holiday, earns straight time plus time-and-one-half for that time worked.
If you have any questions about holidays, please contact me at or 918-403-9564.
Clay Ballenger
Board of Directors Chairman 

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